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Limit Texas hold'em Rules allow for easier decisions. PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 11 May 2010 19:48

Playing limit Texas hold'em is a good idea for new players to online poker. The reason for this is because the betting structure can limit your losses in plays where you have made a mistake. In fact, even in money-losing plays that are common amongst new players, you can limit your losses to one or two bets.

You certainly can't say this for no limit games. In hands where you made mistakes in no limit Texas hold'em, your entire stack may be at risk and this will present difficult decisions for you. That's something you want to avoid as a new player.

Strategic errors in limit poker will generally cost you a lot less than strategic errors in no limit poker. Let's face it it's much easier to call a one dollar bet, than a $100 bet. Now you may be prone to committing errors when learning the rule of poker, especially when it has to do with hand strength and position strategies. At least with limit poker, you can stick around for more while analyzing your previous plays and errors. You'll also be less susceptible to tilting an additional judgment or emotional mistakes that are very common for most poker players.

Have a look at this video and you'll see some specific examples where difficult decisions, are more easier when playing limit poker rules.


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