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Wednesday, 10 June 2009 00:34

Raked games, good or bad? Hmmm, I know that raked games have a bad rap, in general, but not necessarily. Why am I asking? A few friends and I are thinking of starting one. No, I’m not telling when and where. Not yet anyway. It’s not really for profit but for fun and for us to all have a venue to pay the game and invite some of our friends. Sort of like a social club. Our idea is to provide a game that will give back to the players, such as free food, beer, some drinks, and snacks. And we might change it up by holding it in at several venues, cycling it per week or twice a week.

Poker Rules Professor says, yes fine but just keep the table poker rules consistent, while taking into consideration of the majority of your participants.

We’d have everything regularly, same tables, same poker rules. Oh, and the host won’t play. People might get the wrong idea if he won, but since we love playing, venues will rotate so everyone will get to play.

We only decided think about starting this poker rules game because there are not many games running in our area that we like. Some places, we even think are double raking and cheating...but I digress.
Most people have this idea that raked games make a lot of money. If you intend to profit for it, then it can be true, but if you run it properly, as in for the benefit of the players and the game, you can earn enough to help out on your monthly, but nothing like letting you buy a new car. Maybe an Xbox. LOL.

I think that maybe, 6-10% 5 max rake is good if we offer free beer, snacks, and decent drinks. We’re considering a good amount of snacks, such as catered food, pizza, chilled beer and drinks which could run about oh, maybe 500-700 per week. There’s also miscellaneous stuff like new decks, mats, and AC and electricity costs for the host to think about.

I’ve made many friends whom I’ve met at raked games. You really appreciate a game when you like the people who play, and it’s such a good change after playing online for the whole week, and then there is no confusion about texas hold’em rules.

I’m really curious what people will think about this, that’s why I’m putting it out there. Feel free to give your point of view about this so we can provide a better game, environment and experience for everyone. Raked games aren’t for everybody, and I know that is true, so we’re trying to think of one where everyone enjoys, and to keep it casual and friendly.